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Monday, January 16, 2012

Attack on Randomness from an Emergent "Kant Wholist?"

In the category of history repeating itself as farce emerges upon my desk(top) today a rather peculiar paper. "No entailing laws, but enablement in the evolution of the biosphere." Note the use of the word "biosphere." Nowhere does the author credit Verdnadsky the inventor of the concept. This is a "tell' Is the author(s) Mr Kaufman , et al. even aware from whence that term derives? Not from his portentous hero Immanuel Kant, that much is certain. Leave aside the jarring read for anyone slightly familiar with the English language who inwardly must wryly smile that this trio of estimable and serious emergent theorists do not know that the singular of dice is die...But never say die, (forgive me) they clumsily sally forth. Here's a neologism emergent screamer of a word "unprestatable." One must pause to rub one's eyes like the stout Cortes!

Did you know that in Kant's salon a favored special guest was the lunatic hoaxer Swedenborg? I may have in these pages renounced randomness as jiggery pokery, yet nota bene thst Mr. Poe (inter alia) had already pre-disposed (to coin a word) of such Kant--for all this paper does in the end is drop upon the all unsuspecting public complete and utter undigestable twaddle from the emerging Kant whole.

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