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Saturday, January 07, 2012

My Midnight Confession

Your honors: it being only 6PM or so EST, (let alone GMT) that title above must be forgiven as "poetic license" I pray, if it so please your honors, begging your pardon.

Here goes. How comes it that we baby boomers-- thrust out naked-- a la Schopenhauer, as it were,  into the brave new world, as we were, have all seriously collectively "come a cropper?"  Harrumph says I (if my trusty spell checker be not awry on that word.) Could there be some telltale anti-genetical predisposition p'raps...some non-Mendelian inheritance a la Big Mama psychology? Whatchamacallit in the argot of tenure-dumberer babble designated as "epigenetics?" Hold onto your Google cursors ye twits, if ye know what's good for ye...

Well, if I haven't just witnessed the biggest whitewash (tho' Robert E. Lee was named as role model, if but  in passim) ever. A PBS, la dee da ((generic historical Ken Burns (huckster, dare I say, extraordinaire) inspired insipid piano quasi-patriotic mood music biopic)) on Harry S Truman, the man without a middle name, tho' they left that minor (see no period on letter S, yet why is he accorded one on PBS?) detail out.

(In his autobiography, Truman stated, "I was named for ... Harrison Young. I was given the diminutive Harry and, so that I could have two initials in my given name, the letter S was added. My Grandfather Truman's name was Anderson Shippe [sometimes also spelled 'Shipp']Truman and my Grandfather Young's name was Solomon Young, so I received the S for both of them.) (Sorry, dear heart the Wikipedia has at least this tale of forgotten lore right, tho' it pains me to aver...)

Now Harry was the biggest middlin' flop/bankrupt that ever was 'til he got picked up as a "war hero" for screaming at the dough-boys in that "war to end all wars" to "stop running you Irish sons of bitches" by boss Pendergass. (Which by no mere happenstance became S's favorite cuss word: SOB.)

So, after watching this mealy mouthed and mawkish tribute to "give em hell Harry" the patsy of Fritz Kissinger's and Robert MacNamara's Starngelovian M.A.D.-- Hiroshima and Nagasaki A bombs antics--what does yours truly take away? Why that we are all big momma's boys after all... We nuked Japan cuz we had to stop the GIs from gettin' komikazied (after all we had already carpet bombed civilians along the way, in WWII, no biggie...) So as we could get down to makin' real money...or if that didn't float your boat there was always the emerging psychomimetic avant-garde scripted by the Ford Foundation/CIA/MI6 funded "Congress for Cultural Freedom."

I was born after this sordid stuff had played out. Dirty Bertie Lord Russell had come a cropper on his WAPWoG mission to nuke Russia and instead now the next best plan was to deaden the mission which JFK had pronounced "We shall go to the moon." Whence Barack "Insane" Obama and all his Republican allies
today grovelling for contributions, to a momma's boy just like them at NBC/Fox TV, sitting in the City o' London...

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