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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nature is Noble...Or Maybe Not So Much

The long standing mythology of the apologists for the cynical neo-feudalism that pristine nature is pure and glorious and must be preserved at the cost of keeping the so called third world in a perpetual state of immiseration, is coming unglued at the seams. Not so very long ago, you may recall dear reader, Jane Goodall confessed that her ape friends were (gasp!) practicing cannibalism.

Now we hear reports that there has been are long standing obfuscation from the bowels of her very own Majesty's Royal (screw up) Society that penguins are in fact sexual deviants. Oh, lack-a-day! For the love of Jean Jacques Rousseau and Teddy Roosevelt! Oh, Canada! Mon dieu! Scheiß ins Bett daß' kracht; gute Nacht!

Oh, Albion! Cover your wretched face in shame! What a world we weave ...

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