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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why James Fenimore Cooper's Politics Made Him a Marked Man

Cooper's novel Homeward Bound describes how the Federalism of Alexander Hamilton was subverted by the pro British factions' interests in Boston Yankee Clipper ships and New York speculators:

America was then much too young in her independence, and too insignificant in all eyes but her own, to reason and act for herself, except on points that pressed too obviously on her immediate concerns to be overlooked; but the great social principles,--or it might be better to say, the great social interests,--that then distracted Europe, produced quite as much sensation in that distant country, as at all comported with a state of things that had so little practical connexion with the result, The Effingham family had started Federalists, in the true meaning of the term; for their education, native sense and principles, had a leaning to order, good government, and the dignity of the country; but as factions became fiercer, and names got to be confounded and contradictory, the landed branch settled down into what they thought were American, and the commercial branch into what might properly be termed English Federalists. We do not mean that the father of John intended to be untrue to his native land; but by following up the dogmas of party he had reasoned himself into a set of maxims which, if they meant anything, meant everything but that which had been solemnly adopted as the governing principles of his own country, and many of which were diametrically opposed to both its interests and its honour.
Today, of course, the media and most of our venial politicians and "elites" wax grandiloquent in their fulsome praise of our "oldest and closest ally." What rot!

The only pathway out of the onrushing plunge of the world into a new dark age is the re-invigoration of the mostly forgotten mission of the founding of this republic. The creation of a world of perfectly sovereign nations in which the existence of "empire" is once for all extinguished root and branch. Most of what is taught as history is the equivalent of a Malaysian monkey trap for conditioning minds by providing false alternatives that leave the very same empire intact.

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