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Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Former MI5 Chief Wants America And Britain To Talk With Al-Qaeda, Work Out “Political Settlement”"

That Perfide Albion should act so should surprise no one. Look at the  way the cousin of the Queen, George W. always walked hand in hand with the Salafist Saudis funding Al Qaeda. Look also at the way the funding for the 911 conspirators by the Saudi royalty has been covered up time and again. MI5/6 has closed the books on the spurious and risible grounds of national security on the BAE/al Yamamah arms deal investigation that provided the dough for Prince Bandar who is part and parcel of the same funding apparatus...The 911 commission's finding on the Saudi funding for the terrorists has been withheld. While all commercial flights were ordered to halt after 911 by Bush, the family of Osama bin Laden were given an exception by the self same administration and flown back to Saudi..Qui Bono?

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