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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Geithner the Fixer

So, Geithner goes to Europe to opine, in his wisdom, on fixing the Euro...What haps cuz? Well it seems Timmy has been humiliated. And this is how it all went down:

“I found it peculiar that, even though the Americans have significantly worse fundamental data than the euro zone, that they tell us what we should do,” Maria Fekter, the finance minister of Austria, said after the meeting Friday morning. “I had expected that, when he tells us how he sees the world, that he would listen to what we have to say.”

Such criticism was echoed by other attendees of the meeting, including the finance minister of Belgium, Didier Reynders, who said Mr. Geithner should listen rather than talk. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the finance minister group, said European officials did not care to have detailed discussions about expanding their bailout fund “with a nonmember of the euro area.”

Harrumph! Is this tongue lashing what the Savior of the international banking system deserves? Come home at once Mr Geithner and appear on a Sunday morning network broadcast where you are truly appreciated!

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