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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Serious Stuff

This morning I come across something seemingly quite prodigious: The Biological Big Bang: The First Oceans of Primordial Planets at 2-8 Million Years Explain Hoyle/Wickramasinghe Cometary Panspermia

Behold! Let there be light! But there was not much here for me. For my poor reason was confounded. How comes it that all these models start out with a bang and then peter out ever and anon and yet...then mirabile dictu something fantastic haps that makes one rub one's eyes in pure amaze. Life! Zounds! 

So from the run down of the big bang into ever more disorder of space and matter we get...a wholly new never before seen higher order of stuff we call life? What? How? But this seems like some sort of sorcery. Hmm. How to save our oh so scientific law of universal entropy? Maybe we can afford an exception and still save our darling law? Yes. How about that? Maybe it's a lemma...

1. Big bang!
2. Universal entropy
2.2 Regional negative entropy (Panspermia)
2.2.1 Life 
2.2.2 Humans

Oh ho! The fever is over! The illusion called living is over at last! Thanks Maxwell! Thanks Heisenberg! Now I can rest assured. La!

(Apologies to Mr Poe, inter alia)

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