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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Category of What You Won't Hear from the Press Gangs*

"UMass researcher points to suppression of evidence on radiation effects by 1946 Nobel Laureate"

Of course, if we were processing our groceries with low level radiation, food borne illnesses would be nearly a thing of the past. But the media invokes images of Frankenstein's monster anytime the word "radiation" is uttered. (Mary Shelley's monster was as much of an attack on her husband's love of discovery as on Ben Franklin, by the way.)

*Press Gangs; Impressment of US sailors by her majesty's fleets that led to the War of 1812, also see quondam book by E A Poe associate Lambert Wilmer: Our press gang; or, A complete exposition of the corruptions and crimes of the American newspapers

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