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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Oligarchy's Human Zoo

If you can watch (without retching) the television commentaries about Presidential politics these days it brings to mind that quaint Desmond Morris title. All candidates, in great animal spirits, are vying for tremendous sums of lucre from the upper crust in all sorts of bemusing ways. Here you have knuckle dragging troglodytes eliciting guffaws from the oh so polished and illuminated gliteratti... Then, there's the darling wannabe middle-of-the-roaders that could be presentable as a guest at any Hollywood soiree that sadly have no chance...Lastly, there are the chosen ones for whom it only falls upon to stay on message and the world is at their feet.

All in all, it is but a dumb show. A put up production. For you see, in the end it matters not to the controllers behind the curtains. They hold steadfast to their tried and true axiomatic belief that simple venality will out. And the modern day oracles of Delphi will rule over all as ever. And even if their rule portends a dark age of destruction the like of which never before imagined be unleashed-- well, what of it? "So be it, it is fated," they murmur deep into their hallucinogenic trance.

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