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Friday, September 23, 2011

Through a Glass Darkly

As LaRouche has recently emphasized in Bernard Riemann's ground breaking work, The Hypotheses That Underlie  Geometry, there is a stark proviso that in the very large and very small, mathematical models (which are forever hemmed in by our far from perfect senses) must give way to physical investigations. This is why childish imaginings that go by the name of cosmological models are such unqualified failures. A child blows up a balloon and grows up to illustrate on a blackboard at an institution of higher learning a balloon-like "big bang model"---maybe with a few pin prick "black holes" here and there.

But there remains physically measured evidence that radically differs from this model adopted from the sense certainty of  simple vision. It has been given the ponderous name by the physics community of "anisotropy." And in the very large scale of astronomical proportions as well as on the very small infinitesimal it is abundantly evident. There is a sort of preferred directionality for all sorts of physical processes.

Now, the commonly held belief that has been inculcated into our collective subconscious is that there is a universal principle of entropy in all physical, living, and social processes. This and the equally inculcated belief that change or mutations in these systems is produced randomly. Leave out of consideration that if these two "laws" were actually operating 'twere impossible to explain, dear reader, how you or I are even engaging in thinking about these things. (Without resort to a parlor trick, hand-waving explanation of local negative entropy that somehow appears magically.)

How mentally depressing is it that the student must regurgitate a sort of pledge of allegiance to these absurdities in order graduate with a degree? Aye, and there's the rub. The oligarchic rub. But somehow, notwithstanding such outright poppycock, humanity progresses. There have been so far among us enough gadflies like Socrates to provoke us to throw off ideological blinders that would be the cause of our downfall.
And it is those very men and women that represent for humanity its own anisotropy.

(The foregoing reflection was initiated by  consideration of an alternative explanation of dark energy cosmology: Long-wavelength gravitational waves and cosmic acceleration.)

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