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Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Wonderfuly Quaint The Emir of Qatar Is

Well, well. It appears that the Emir of Qatar Shaikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani has recently purchased the Greek isle of Oxia. (This is the country where an elderly woman recently leaped to her desk when confronted with the monstrous policy of the Euro-zone cutting off of her pension.) 

The said Emir has recently also elaborated on his role in arresting poverty:  "It is essential here that the reform process is based on humanitarian principles that put public interest before personal interest, and fight against greed and gambling with other s money, This [his role in UNCTAD] requires the developed countries to maintain allocating a percentage of their gross domestic product for poor countries as previously agreed upon, and help to open money markets to finance investments in developing countries,"

And now here is a little noticed bit of news:  "According to Al Arabiya TV, a number of high-ranking military officers rose against the Qatari Emir, triggering fierce clashes between some 30 military officers and US-backed royal guards outside the Emir’s palace, the report said on Tuesday."

Why,the imponderable forces of evil seem to be out to get this obviously gifted and trustworthy humanitarian. Lackaday! Woe be unto us.

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