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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Wherein the Solution to the Collapsed Economy is Advanced

Actually, the economy is far, far worse than these mere unemployment numbers portend. Ever since the advent of the so called information age, consumer economy and the break up of Bretton Woods when Nixon pulled the plug on gold reserve ratio, there has been a looting of our nation’s physical economy by the financial speculators. Now I realize that academic (perhaps better quackademic) economists like that genius helicopter Ben Bernanke do not have the sense to give two cents about what kind of employment there is because to them money is money. (That’s why they think printing it is the financial panacea, while in reality diarrhea is more like it.) But due to the economic monetary nostrums of these very same quacks, we have become a virtual junkheap of an economy.

The problem can only be solved by first shutting down the lunatic bucket shop derivative securities speculators like Goldman Sachs and George Soros’ Quantum Fund by separating out their worthless casino chip nominal values and cutting them loose through bankruptcy. That means a return to Glass Steagall and a new Bretton Woods.

Second we need to take down the Federal Reserve which is nothing but an instrument of these very same financial houses like Goldman and Morgan Stanley that have created this execrable mess. We must return to the principle of Alexander Hamilton’s design of a national credit system for the restoration of a physically productive economy. His attack on Adam Smith by name in his Report on Manufactures to the Congress, puts the lie to the myth of so called free enterprise. This means creating a Third National Bank of the United States that is not in the control of today’s international financial oligarchy radiating out of the City of London and Wall Street.

The reason the United States of America was established was to promote the general welfare. Period. Without that commitment, we are but a sorry reality show parody of the rancid Roman Empire’s bread and circuses. Today that means repair and development of long term sustainability of our wrecked physical economy. Credit must be established like Hamilton and later Lincoln did to promote investment in high technology water, power, transportation, and agriculture.

The manned space program, that the crazed Obama administration has just sunk, must be restored and vastly accelerated. We must dump the pseudo science of radical environmentalism and use advanced technologies like thorium nuclear reactors (of which there is enough proven supply to be mined at current rates of usage to last over a thousand years.) We must finance continent scale water projects that would provide fresh water enough to green the deserts like the North American Water and Power Alliance that was idiotically thrown into the dust bin. Nuclear fusion (that the insane Obama clique has just defunded) and matter anti-matter research must be made our top priority. These measures (and all that they entail) alone will restore a functioning physical economy that will promote the nations long term general welfare, anything else is too little too late.

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