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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Setting the Record Straight on the Real Life Edgar Allan Poe

The problem here of misrepresentations of Poe is the neglect of his politics by all and sundry. I have only come across a smattering of the truth on this most salient point. For instance, The Devil in the Belfry was an open attack on Aaron Burr's apprentice Martin Van Buren. King Pest was obviously Andrew Jackson. When the crash of 1837 halted any opportunity of Poe receiving credit, for his magazine project, it was engineered by these aforementioned creeps by the shutting down of Biddle's Second National Bank. Burr having murdered Hamilton, who created the First National Bank. Poe looked to Biddle for an appointment. Poe had a cousin who was the head of a branch of said bank. Now, Poe's attacks on the Transcendentalists and Immanuel Kant paralleled a remarkably similar literary figure, jurist, popularizer of Beethoven and composer: ETA Hoffman. Had Poe received his appointment and lived there would have been perhaps many more points of coincidence. It is not a matter of plagiarism, but rather the coincidence of "genius." Hoffman fought against the imbecilities of the "Enlightenment."

The biggest enemy of Poe was not Griswold or English, it was Charles Baudelaire and his cohort of ugly "intellectual" epigones. Like Genet, Gide, Lord Dunsany, (or is it Doneinsanity?) HP Lovecraft, inter alia.

Poe, in the prescience of his genius, smote these blackguards in advance in his attack upon the so called shepherd bard, the criminal James Hogg.

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