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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Bad Guys, Ripping Up the Constitution, and Video Games

Something seemed more than a little off kilter during the first Gulf War when I first heard talking head ex-military and the head of the joint chiefs talk to the camera about "killing the bad guys." "Oh, oh," a voice inside me seemed to be warning, "this reminds me of hyper-active post puberty children playing some fantasy war games far after they should have been past that stage." Today, we have millions of overgrown children engrossed in similar delusions through video games role playing these "fantasy games" the Internet.  The very same Internet created under the auspices of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Now the "all volunteer" army is training using special versions of these games. We "fight" the bad guys using "drones."   Hmm...

But now it seems the bad guys are us. This is the meaning of a new law called NADA that would give our illustrious leaders the power to kidnap and "render" American citizens (in name only) to a "friendly" third country in order to get them to "talk." Of course, Americans, if they have even paid attention are likely to console themselves inwardly by the mantra that this would "never happen" to them. Dear citizen, tell that to the death row inmates reprieved at the twelfth hour by DNA evidence...And so with nary a feeble whimper from the vast majority of us the Constitution is thus shredded. We were too busy playing games online to bother. Hmm...

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  1. Internet is now one of the best source through which we could get latest update about new video game. Now most of the children are junkies of playing video games.


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