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Monday, December 12, 2011

"Roll-up" Demystified

500 Year Old Global 'Roll-Up' Founders?

Saturday, December 10, 2011 – by Anthony Wile

Anthony Wile
And another one gone, and another one gone ... Another one bites the dust − Queen
"Is it possible that the biggest roll-up in history is foundering?
What roll-up? Well ... roll-up, of course, is a money-industry term of art. It means that someone − an enterprising banker backed by big money − begins to buy up mom and pop shops to turn them into one large industry with "economies of scale" and an intrinsic value that is larger than its individual moving parts.
In this case, the roll-up that is taking place is of nation-states.
The bankroll comes from central banks."

Silly me, I thought of the term "roll-up" as in the Tavistock/MI6/Occult Bureau's Beatles lyrics "Roll up for the Mystery Tour." Of course, the Magical Mystery Tour promotion of the present day multi-billion dollar drug counterculture was in the tradition of that bulwark of drug trafficking East Indies Company. In fact, the City of London/ British Empire was quite in the tradition of John Dees 007's Occult Bureau/MI6 asset and Beatles' hero Aleister Crowley's Order of the Golden Dawn. Why, such untrammeled money laundering of drug profits by the City today might do "old Adam" Smith proud. 

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