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Sunday, May 09, 2010

A Classic Case of Manipulation of Misplaced Rage

The NY Post headline has a clarion tone this morning meant to enrage its dupe readers by misdirecting their palpable ire at Greece. "We're bailing out Greece--but US taxpayers shouldn't be" it screams. What a joke. As I point out in my retort:

What all the articles about Greece conveniently fail to mention is that the bailout will pass right through Greece to the creditor banks. Just like the $100 billion for AIG wound up in the pockets of financier bucket shop fraudsters like Goldman Sucks. I say put these international gambling casinos derivatives through chapter 11. Force through an international Glass Steagall now! The solution: Go back to sovereign fixed currencies and issue national credits for large scale infrastructure projects, etc.

Or you can't fool all the people all of the time.  Seems like almost every Post I survey these days has been despoiled by the vagrant dogs of the press.


  1. Could you amplify that "national credits for large scale infrastructure projects"?

  2. Sure, for example high speed railroad projects like those that China is undertaking. There is a project to link Siberia by rail with Alaska via a tunnel under the Bering Straight. Fresh water infrastructure is needed as well just about everywhere on the planet. This would include freshwater canals and desalinization projects.


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