"The mind is a compact, multiply connected thought mass with internal connections of the most intimate kind. It grows continuously as new thought masses enter it, and this is the means by which it continues to develop."

Bernhard Riemann On Psychology and Metaphysics ca. 1860

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Debt Moratoria Redux?

Many years ago a voice in the wilderness cried out for a debt moratorium for the third world. Maybe now the futility of propping up fat cat financiers might hit the mis-educated upon their collective craniums. (perhaps I ask for too much...)

 According to the College Board’s Trends in Student Aid study, 10 percent of people who graduated in 2007-8 with student loans had borrowed $40,000 or more. The median debt for bachelor’s degree recipients who borrowed while attending private, nonprofit colleges was $22,380.

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