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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frank Rich: Illiterate Joker

Here is the salient quote from Rich's pro Obama lament in today's NY Times:
The Tea Party is meanwhile busy rewriting America’s early history under Beck’s tutelage by enforcing a vision of the Constitution tantamount to the Creationists’ view of Genesis. We must obey the words of the founding fathers literally — or what the Tea Partiers think those words to be. (Many Tea Partiers seem unaware that Medicare is a government entitlement postdating Tom Paine.) There can be no evolution or amendments. Any Obama initiatives are sacrilegious. All previous add-ons are un-American and must be pared away, from the Department of Education to the Americans with Disabilities Act.
You have got to be kidding me. Tom Paine? Really? Even a sixth grader can Google Tom Paine's jeremiad against Christianity. Oh, what a dunce thou art! You make Sarah Palin look like a genius by comparison, Sirrah Rich Clown.

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