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Friday, May 07, 2010

More Anti-science Quackery

Statistical Physics Offers Insight Into Moral Behavior
May 6, 2010 by Miranda Marquit
( -- It seems a little strange for statistical physicists to consider questions of morality in behavior. However, that is is just what a study at ETH in Zurich, Switzeralnd, is doing. Led by Dirk Helbing, the study used game theory to consider how moral behavior arises from interactions with neighbors. Instead of moral behavior developing from an individual's interactions with society as a whole, Helbing's group discovered that there is a good chance that interactions with the individuals nearest to a person lead to the development of moral behavior.
This is a laughable monstrosity of an "experiment." It is merely a rehashing of Adam Smith's moral relativism. Which is to say that mankind cannot take responsibility for the outcome of its primal drives. This is nothing but an apology for the immorality of an oligarchical elite (technocrats in today's vernacular) having its way with a bovine-like, brutish populace. It is the opposite of why America's constitutional republic was founded. We Americans, at least during our best administrations have been governed by the principle that future generations should hold us morally responsible for providing a legacy of something better... This has been the motto of immigrants to these shores from before our revolution. This reported sociological drivel is a mockery of true science.

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