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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reply to Walter Russel Meade's Anti Global Warming Screed

There is another Greek term which quite aptly applies to the foregoing screed on this blog: Delphic. It misdirects the poor, misguided “rabble” in much the same way as they are shackled in Plato’s myth of the cave. It pretends to be oracular like those priests of Delphi, when in actual fact it is only babbling on about the illusory shadows cast on the cave wall. There is the malodorous whiff of a Karl Popper-like enraged hatred of Plato that pervades this blog.
The truth is that our “Republic” was set up as the rule of the wise. But the wise are not the oligarchs that whipped up the rabble for Socrates’ judicial murder on the specious charge that he was blaspheming the gods (who, of course, were made in the image of those very same capricious oligarchs that hated Socrates.) The wise are not the Harvard Boston Brahmins, who along with their British kissing cousins traded in opium and grew wealthy on their ill gotten gains. Their heirs are today’s one worlders and radical environmentalists, just as in the past they were the back to nature Boston Brahmin sponsored transcendental “frogpondians,” to use Edgar Alan Poe’s term.
Mr Swift not only saw through the control of faked”science” by them in his tale of Laputa, he also saw through their control over politics with their tactic of setting the populace at each others throats over nothing more than which side of the egg they chose to crack. This is what the Lilliputians were going to war over. This is the tactic of creating a gang and a counter gang. Like Kitson’s Mau Mau operation.
So, while it is quite the truth that global warming is junk science like the Laputans carried out. We must not fall into the Delphic snare of irrational populist hatred of true science. For the truth is that it is the destiny of humanity to defeat today’s would be Olympian gods that hate the Promethean nature of science to transform society by uplifting the standard of living of the “rabble’” through ever more breakthroughs in discovery and control of energy dense technologies. Today that means nuclear energy from a virtually unlimited supply of thorium, tomorrow it means thermonuclear fusion. Farther down along the road we will discover how to control matter/anti-matter reactions.

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